Violetshaped the remixes part 2 (Keith Fullerton Whitman,JK Flesh,Grischa Lichtenberger)

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Violetshaped, “The Remixes Part. 2”

Après une première série de remixs de grande qualité durant l’été 2012, que j’ai largement fait tourner en boucle (notamment le remix signé Roly Porter), Violet Poison revient avec une deuxième fournée de réinterprétations de Violetshaped signées cette fois Keith Fullerton Whitman, JK Flesh (Justin Broadrick des mythiques Techno Animal et  ex-Napalm Death) et Grischa Lichtenberger. Un aperçu via Soundcloud ci-dessus. On va encore passer de très bonnes et très longues angoissantes minutes.

The A side is an upbuilding 13minute­long recomposition by Keith Fullerton Whitman, an american experimental­electronic producer specialising in Hybrid Digital­Analogue Modular Synthesizers who has released on the excellent Editions Mego, PAN and Planet Mu record labels. He takes the droney atmospheres of “Anesthesia” to an irregular rhythmic­noise reinterpretation with advanced panning and modular fx.
On the flip, the B1 remix is provided by the great songwriter, guitarist, drummer and producer Justin Broadrick, the man behind important projects such as Godflesh, Napalm Death, Techno Animal, Grey Machine, and the JK Flesh moniker which is used for this rework. The dark moods of “cX310” are transformed into a powerful gothic Industrial masterpiece with influences taken from Old School Jungle and British DnB.
The final remix features a noisy and glitchy reinterpretation by the highly­acclaimed Raster Noton artist Grischa Lichtenberger. “Spectral Nightdrive” gets stripped down and oriented to a more minimalist approach. Precise and clockwise like a Swiss watchmaker, the dry rhythms are enhanced by bleepy jingles that give a superb electroacoustic taste of modern electronic music firmly rooted in the past.



IG 3 / G & B I 3

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FINAL 'Infinite Guitar 3 / Guitar & Bass Improvisations 3' 2xCD from 2009 is now available through Bandcamp in all digital formats and for a full, free stream. The remaining 10 copies sold out, sadly.

Good news is, the whole new 'Infinite Guitar 4' 3xCD is being manufactured as you are reading this.